Two optional workshops will be offered on Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Participants need not attend a four-day class to attend either of the workshops. Participants of the four-day Managing Industrial Ventilation Systems course should not register for the Industrial Ventilation System Troubleshooting workshop. The workshops are:

Industrial Ventilation System Troubleshooting
This workshop is devoted to procedures for troubleshooting common system problems by using the static pressure method. Topics addressed include • System Maintenance and Scheduling, Technical Documentation and Base-line at System Start-up • System Static Pressure Method for Troubleshooting • Troubleshooting Applications • Baghouse and Fan Troubleshooting

Combustible Dusts
This subject remains a hot topic as industry works to protect its employees from the potential for catastrophic deflagrations and explosions and federal OSHA works to implement a combustible dust standard. Taught by experts in combustible dust applications, this workshop is designed to address the following topics: • What OSHA Looks for on Combustible Dust Inspections • Risk Assessments and Process Hazard Analysis • Dust Collector Requirements • Explosion Prevention and Protection Systems

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Workshop

  • Practical demonstration and workshop on the use of CFD in industrial ventilation system design.
  • Workshop instruction offers how to interpret the results of a CFD analysis along with understanding how to use subsequent metrics to identify and improve the functionality of ventilation systems.
  • This workshop requires participants to bring a laptop for downloading software to be made available; a guide will be sent to workshop attendees to download the software prior to the workshop date.
  • The class will work on a CFD example and provide input on instructions and decisions.
  • This workshop is LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE.