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Start 03-03-2021 End 05-26-2021
$ 500.00

Webinar Bundle

7 Webinars for the cost of 5!  This option registers you for the entire series.  You will also receive a 15% discount for the 2022 Michigan Industrial Ventilation Conference. 

Start 04-28-2021
$ 100.00

Fundamentals of Industrial Ventilation System Design and Installation

Chrissy Klocker, Donaldson Company, Inc., Bloomington, MN

Seminar Description: This webinar walks through the various stages of an industrial ventilation system project from design to implementation. We will introduce various design options, as well as review concepts discussed in previous webinars, to understand how decisions and performance expectations impact the overall system design.

Start 05-12-2021
$ 100.00

Ventilation System Testing and Balancing

Robert (Bob) Shearer, KBD Technic, Cincinnati, OH

Seminar Description:  This webinar will address methods and techniques for accurately measuring pressures and airflow in an industrial ventilation system. Included in the presentation will be difficult testing situations and how to select methods for providing the most accurate representation of pressure and airflow possible. Additionally, a brief overview of the basic iterative balancing method will be provided, along with key ancillary measurements associated with the industrial ventilation system. 

Start 05-26-2021
$ 100.00

Monitoring Performance of Industrial Ventilation Systems

Doug Edwards, PE, Doug Edwards Engineering, LLC, Amelia, OH

Seminar Description: Monitoring your industrial ventilation system can be critical to maintaining its desired performance. This webinar will cover techniques and equipment that can be used to ensure that your system operates properly.

Future Conference Dates

February 6–11, 2022

The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
East Lansing, Michigan

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